Lashes & Brows


This keratin Lash lift is an eyelash treatment for your OWN natural lashes that gives eyelash extensions a powerful run for its money! YUMI Lashes are not fake eyelashes!!


An advanced, European technique designed to boost and lift the natural lash, without having the maintenance of extensions. In other words, it is a powerful semi-permanent alternative to false lashes that enhances your own natural beauty and colouring. This Lash treatment will lend a remarkable amount of length, thickness and uplift to your own eyelashes. This procedure lifts natural lashes up and infuses them with special pigmentation. Resulting in thicker, darker lashes that curve upwards beautifully to create the universally desired “open eye” look.


The boosting and lifting effects last up from 8-12 weeks, which is the natural life cycle of the eyelash.


No. Nothing is being attached to the lash and no harsh chemicals are being used. This innovative treatment works by boosting and lifting each individual lash, while providing a nourishing treatment to encourage healthy lash growth. YUMI Lashes last as long as your natural eyelash cycle and they gently grow out as your own lashes naturally shed, thus causing no damage to your natural lashes.


YUMI™ LASHES including lash tint  €50 YUMI™ LASHES including lash & brow tint & brow shape only €55

Yumi lash lift inc Lash tint and Henna Brows 65Eur

Henna Brows

Henna Brows offer the perfect alternative to eyebrow tinting, without the use of ammonia or hydrogen peroxide, to develop the eyebrow colour.   Normal eyebrow tinting just colours the hair, but henna colours both the hair and the skin. This makes it perfect for people who have sparse, over plucked brows or are still recovering from a nightmare waxing experience. The range offers 12 colours that give the brows an amazing powdered tattoo effect that can last up to 2-6 weeks depending on client skin type and aftercare. *Patch Test required Henna Brows Colour & Wax €27


Lycon Precision Waxing

Using only the finest resins, natural ingredients and aromatherapy oils, Lycon delivers superior performance,removing stubborn hair as short as 1mm with less pain.

(Patch test is required 24-48 hours prior to tinting and Henna brow treatments)

Lycon Precision Body Wax Treatments

Bikini Waxing                                                                

Basic Bikini Wax            €18                                           

Extended Bikini Wax      €23                                        

Californian Wax             €29                                          

Brazilian Wax                €35

Playboy Wax                 €39

Hollywood Wax             €45

Buttocks Area               €15


1/2 Leg Wax                  €20

3/4 Leg Wax                 €25

Full Leg Wax                 €35


Underarm Wax                        €15

½ lower leg & Underarm          €30

Full leg & Underarm                €45

Forearm Wax (strip wax)          €15

Lower Back Wax (strip wax)     €15