Skin Peels

At Orah, we offer a wide range of facial peels to progressively resurface the skin as part of the revision process. These peels are ideal for people that don’t want the down time or have darker skin tones prone to hyper-pigmenting. Skin Peels assists to reenergise sluggish, tired skin, while improving the function of the new skin

We offer entry level peels that are safe to be used during pregnancy and more advanced peels for clients that have been on a sufficient homecare routine for at least 4 weeks.

Skin Hydrocel Peels

Allow 45mins Price €75

Designed to have a neutral pH, These entry level peels can be used regularly as a quick refreshening in salon treatment to smooth the skin without the worry of potentially stripping or damaging it.

Includes a Dermalux LED light treatment.

Skin Type: Gentle Peels suitable for all skins conditions including sensitised, during pregnancy, Instant pick me up.

Detox Quick Peel

Allow 45mins Price €75

This amazing cinnamon and cassia peel is used effectively on inflamed acne, and sluggish skin. 

It’s antibacterial ingredients help flush stagnant capillaries, working on rosacea and pigmented areas as well as acne. Patch test required 24 to 48hours prior to treatment

Includes a Dermalux LED light treatment.


Skin Type: Congested, Oily, Dull, Acne, Rosacea, Broken Capillaries.

Reform Skincare Level 1 Peel

Allow 45 mins €75

non irritating yet highly effective peel with no downtime and little to no visible surface peeling and are suitable for most skin types. 


Level 2 Peels

Hydrocell Peel Allow 60 minutes €75

Our Skin Nutrition Hydrocell peel uses an exclusive blend of natural plant and fruit sugar acids to improve the structural integrity of the skin and enhance the ability of the collagen fibres to retain moisture. It promotes respiration of the skin and helps to rebuild skin from the inside out, giving a healthy, glowing complexion.

Skin Type: Dry, Dehydrated, Dull, Lines, Wrinkles, Congested.

Lunch time peel Allow 60 minutes €95

DMK Lunchtime Peel is a professional treatment that performs a controlled micro-removal of the epidermis. The treatment uses a botanically based, pharmaceutical-grade combination of AHA and BHA ingredients, including glycolic acid, lactic acid, citric acid, salicylic acid and malic acid. It features minimal downtime or post-treatment irritation.

Skin type: Prepped skin for advanced treatments, Lines, Wrinkles, instant rejuvenation.

Reform Skincare Level 2 Peels Allow 60 minutes €95

Reform Skincare is an Irish branded medical grade chemical peel designed and developed by doctors. A potent medical grade double peel to suit the individuals skin concerns. Peels include Mandelic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Glycolic Acid, Lactic Acid, Pyruvic acid and Jessiner’s Peel.

Mild skin Shedding may occur. Includes A Dermalux LED Light Treatment.

Skin Type: Modified to suit all skin types.

Level 3 Peels

Advanced Skin Revision Treatments<

These advanced treatments may have 48hours+ of skin shedding/redness. An adequate homecare routine is required prior to advanced treatments.

Jessiner’s Peel Allow 60 mins €125

This Jessner’s Peeling solution was developed to treat the following skin issue. The use of Succinic Acid substituting Salicylic Acid provides enhanced exfoliation on all skins. The synergy of effective acids help reduce the appearance of melasma, freckles, acne and mild cases of rosacea. It is also an excellent choice for minimizing signs of aging and fine lines and wrinkles.

TCA Peel Allow 60 mins €125

TC-PEEL is a Class 1 Medical Device for Professional Use only. Consisting of Tricholroacetic Acid, Kojic Acid and Mandelic Acid, this peeling solution has been developed by doctors to treat the following skin issues: Ageing skin. Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, Treat discolouration and Pigmentation and Reduce Acne Scarring. Includes Dermalux LED Light Treatment. 

Medical Grade Microneedling Allow 90mins from €140

The Exceed™ medical Microneedling device delivers the latest treatment to repair and restore aging skin, naturally. Clinically-proven to dramatically improve facial acne scars and facial wrinkles, the Exceed™ treatment produces excellent results after just 12 weeks. For those looking for a smooth complexion, Microneedling is a minimally invasive skin perfecting procedure. The skin is naturally stimulated to create new collagen, reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles & treat facial acne scars.

includes a complimentary Dermalux treatment worth €35

Medical Grade Microneedling & Dermalux €140 

3x Medical Grade Microneedling & 1 facial peel & Dermalux €375 (Saving €230)